Tattoo Aftercare Instructions 

  1. Remove tattoo bandage after 4-5 days (if Second Skin was applied) after appointment using warm water and Unscented Dial antibacterial soap (only use from a pump bottle, do not use bar soap.)

  2. After bandage is removed, lather soap in hands before applying to the tattoo. Once soap is lathered in hands gently wash the tattoo and rinse with warm water (do not place the tattoo directly under pressurized water) until the tattoo no longer feels slick or slimy. 

  3. After the tattoo is thoroughly rinsed and cleaned, gently pat the tattoo and area around it with a clean paper towel. Allow the tattoo to air dry for 1-2 minutes. 

  4. Apply a small amount of unscented lotion (Lubriderm brand) to tattoo and work into the area. 

  5. Repeat washing, drying, and lubricating process 1-2 times daily until tattoo is fully healed (3-4 weeks) 

  6. Please contact your artist or shop if you have any questions or concerns.