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You must have a deposit put down before booking an appointment. Appointments must be made in person at the shop. The only exception is for repeat clients who have a deposit already at the shop, and clients who live more than 2 hour away or live out of the state. These clients may book an appointment over the phone or by email, but must have their deposit to their artist by mail within one week from setting up the appointment in order to keep the appointment. Walk-in clients are first come first served so if you are interested in doing so it is recommended to call and make sure there is an open artist or be there when the doors open.

Deposits are required to book an appointment and are a down payment for your tattoo. You will get to use your deposit at your final session upon completion of your tattoo. If you do not bring all the money necessary to pay for your appointment and your tattoo is NOT finished you will not be able to use part of your deposit.
Deposits are non-refundable, and non-transferable to another person or design if you change your mind. You can risk losing your deposit only if you do not follow the policies below. If you violate one of the deposit policies listed below you will need to come in and pay another deposit to make or keep any future appointments.
Deposits must be paid in cash only unless you live out of the state or over an hour away. In these cases you may mail your artist your deposit in the form of a money order.


If you are more than 30 minutes late without calling ahead of time you will be considered a no-call no-show and you will lose your appointment and your deposit.

A 1 week notice is required to cancel your appointment and keep your deposit. This is to make sure we have enough time to fill your spot. You must make real contact with your artist if you need to cancel. This means via phone, facebook, email or face to face. Voice mail is only checked once a few times per week so please do not cancel over voicemail as you could risk losing your deposit. It is your responsibility to make contact with us.  If you cancel 2 times in a row (regardless if you have given a 1 week notice each time) all of your future appointments will be erased from the scheduled and offered to other clients without any notice. If you cancel your consultation you could risk your tattoo appointment date being pushed back to ensure there is time for a consult before your appointment. Our artist's time is very limited and valuable, please respect that.


DESIGN POLICY;The design is considered property of the artist. If you are unhappy with the design we will work with you to make the needed changes to make sure you love it. We will not do any design approval via text message or email. You will be able to approve your design the day of  your 1st appointment in the studio. DESIGN PROCESS:(1) When you come to the studio to pay your deposit and schedule an appointment, this will also be considered your consultation. Please bring your deposit as well as any and all reference photos you would like to show and discuss. (2) Detailed notes will be taken at that time and recorded on the bottom of the deposit agreement. (3) You will be given 1-3 tattoo appointments the day you come to the studio to pay your deposit and discuss your idea, reference materials, etc. This ensures all clients with large pieces will not have to wait months between sessions. (4) In the 24 hours leading up to your scheduled 1st appointment we will finalize your design. (5) You will get to see your tattoo the day of your appointment. Sometimes an artist may need to finish details with you so expect there could be some draw time the day of your appointment if your artist has any questions. If you approve the design then we will get started tattooing right away at your 1st appointment. (6) If you are unsatisfied with the design your artist has created and would like changes made we will do this BUT if the desired changes take longer than 30-45 mins your 1st appointment will become a collaborative drawing day between you and your artist and therefore you will not start your tattoo until your 2nd scheduled appointment. There is not toleration for rudeness or ill mannered people at our shop and you will be asked to leave and you will loose any deposit you have put down if we feel threatened or miss treated.

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